Why can’t we see that our age difference is meaningless?

Why can’t we realize that nobody really cares?

You had me at hello and nothing’s changed after all these years,

Let this volcano erupt, even if it’ll end in hot, premium tears.

Why can’t we pay attention to the beam in your eyes whenever they meet mine?

Why can’t we quit using our friendship as an open disguise?

You feel the tension, ardor and effervescent spark,

Friends can neither make you go weak at the knees nor give you sleepless nights.

Why can’t we acknowledge we are one reason it’ll never work with the others?

Why can’t we understand every step I take leads to your heart and vice versa?

No matter how far we run, we’re always right back where we started,

Going in circles and circles just to ignore the evident.

Why can’t we admit I am oxygen that you’re dying to breathe?

Why can’t we explore the intoxication in the air whenever I’m near?

We do not know how much time we have left,

It’ll be a shame to look back and shake heads in regret.

Why can’t we simply give in to a helpless desire?

Why can’t we fall hook, line and sinker?

We could fill the empty spaces and drive ourselves crazy,

We could be selfish and impatient as long as the fire burns wildly.

This love is like a fragile flower that isn’t open to the warmth of spring,

Like a beautiful song that’s yet to be written,

Why can’t we, oh, why can’t we deny being comfortable with this discomfort?

Because you got the heart of me and I got yours, but none wants to make the move first.

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