I have friends

Who do not want me to be better

Than them

Always looking for manners

To keep me down every now and then

But I noticed the harder

They try

To push me lower

I fly like birds

I soar higher

To their surprise

They tried to figure it out

How I thrive

Even I do not know for a fact

It’s God on my side

It’s my mother’s prayers

It’s the good I’ve done in the past

What goes around comes back around

Why expect them to stop the beef?

Stab me in the back and smile at me

Guess change isn’t as easy

Giving up, not a option

When they hungry, I feed ‘em still

Thirsty, I buy a stream

Blessed is the hand that gives

Always on the top, the hand that gives

Ride on, my friends, play villains in my story

This protagonist gets the happy ending

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