Never let people take things that do not belong to them like your self-worth, dignity and sanity.

Work hard to get what you like, otherwise you’ll be forced to like what you get.

Sometimes God’s blessings aren’t what He gives; it’s the things He takes away.

Stay focused! They can steal the recipe but the sauce won’t come out the same!

Don’t be quick to call anyone your friend. Wait for hard times and see if they’ll stay. Many will run.

Decide to go for it. Then, go for it! You’ve got this!

Celebrate yourself. Be proud of the silent battles you fought and won, the moments that humbled you, tears no one wiped for you and everything you’ve been handling since the pandemic.

Never tell a person everything, you might be educating an enemy.

When people are doubting how far you will go, go so far till you won’t have to hear them anymore.

You are beautiful. You are priceless. You are smart. Stop pretending to be less than what you actually are just to protect another person’s ego.

Stay away from those people who put good people in positions to be cold-hearted , then play victim.

Don’t beg for a seat; build your own table and when you do, also do not beg anyone to sit and dine with you!

Thanks for reading!!

17 thoughts on “NUGGETS

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  1. These are some of the best nuggets I have ever tasted. This one “Never tell a person everything, you might be educating an enemy” — I love this — it often rings true and I will remember it.
    Thank you.

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