Shot to the soul that was borrowed

Laced with poisons of pain and sorrow

Chances of survival minus zero


Didn’t need to hide behind the shadows

Face to face with the greatest ammo

A tyrant of emotions that I know

Deep, not shallow

The soul I borrowed fell deep, not shallow

Off the mountain of Kilimanjaro

What wouldn’t by ammo and arrows?

What shall I tell the owner then?

The soul you gave to me is close to death

Left it unprotected, I left it open to words

Left it wounded without a cure

Left it naked, I left it helpless

Left it defeated in the hands of the wicked

What then shall I tell the owner?

I failed you, I never should’ve been trusted

32 thoughts on “ARROWS

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  1. Sometimes it happens to us that we do not value what we have at hand and we miss the opportunity to be better because of our selfishness.
    A poem that provides great satisfaction when reading it. You leave your poetic sensitivity reflected.
    Manuel Angel

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  2. This is beautifully crafted. It, low key, speaks to me because I feel like I’ve been living a bit recklessly these last 2 years. I’m gonna have to stick around and read more of your stuff.


  3. This is beautiful. It pierced my usually numb self into an emotion. I am, but to wonder if this lost soul you left unprotected produces feelings of guilt? If nothing could be done, then we say guilt should not be felt. Unless we are in the shoes carrying the burden of a helpless demise.

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