Stop ripping my clothes off!

I can’t breathe,

Your hands are so tough,

I can’t breathe anymore!


Stop pinning me against the wall!

I can’t scream,

My voice’s getting lower and rough,

I can’t scream anymore!


Stop pushing me to the floor!

Somebody help me,

His blood boils hotter by my resistance.

What are you doing, Mr. Man?


Now, I’m a punching bag!

Can someone hear me?

He won’t take no for an answer,

Can’t fight this monster much longer.


Not my underwear,

His shirt’s tied over my mouth,

His leather belt’s held my hands behind,

I’m as helpless as a sacrificial lamb.

Endless stream of tears,

Mixed with blood and sweat,

No? Would he at least use a rubber?

No. I see the empty sachet of Viagra

I can still be helped, is anybody there?

Deepest inhale at his first thrust

Who wouldn’t stop breathing?

Shut down mentally with no emotions,

Wished I would too physically,

Jabbing, jabbing until my soul left my body.


Should be over an hour or seven,

No pain left to savor in,

The pleasure in his eyes hit differently,

Oh, yes, a man of strength and persistence.


Devoid of all iota of senses,

Like a doll, what to live for then?

Mouth loosened, hands freed,

But still in the cage eyes can’t see.


Tried to tell, no one heard,

Skirt too short, seductive crop top,

You brought this upon yourself!

This is what a stubborn girl child gets!


Tried to share, no one cared,

It’s the way you walk!

Yes, the way you talk!

Why stay out alone after four?


Cruel responses sentenced me to death,

A ghost in the land of the living,

What hope is there for a walking zombie?

None. None. None.

33 thoughts on “DEFIANCE

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  1. Very hard to read and yet I celebrate you for writing this story. It will continue to happen until crime perpetrated against women, teenagers and young children is taken more seriously. I am a victim of sexual assault and I was a Rape Relief and Sexual Assault Advocate in Washington State. It is nearly impossible-to get a Rape charge to stick. The process women go through is unbelievable. The most important thing for all people to remember is this: Rape is not a sexually motivated crime it is a crime of violence and a sense of getting some control. No matter if you walk down the street completely naked, you are not guilty of causing someone to rape you. You may be written a ticket for indecent exposure but that is it.
    Powerful post. Sending love ❤️ your way.
    Hugs 🤗 Joni

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    1. Love this comment. And you’re right, nothing, absolutely nothing justifies rape. It still marvels ma how people point fingers at the victims instead of fighting for them. Many rapists are roaming around scot-free while victims are pushed into hiding and silenced. It’s saddening. Thank you for taking your time to read this. I appreciate it 💕💕

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      1. Thank you for sharing your excellent poem and post. You are so right about all that you said and it remains to be a sad situation in our Country. Just as slavery is still happening very likely in every Country. It is a tragedy that is hard grasp. Stay safe my friend. Love Joni

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  2. Hope is the last thing that dies, says a Spanish proverb. But then a zombie is walking dead, right? 😉
    Very well written. Unfortunately reminds me of recent incidents in France where young women were beaten up in the street for wearing a skirt. 😡

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      1. It’s a growing trend, Alas, in France. many young men seem to believe they have a right to determine what women can wear… My wife and I literally “rescued” a young woman of 20-22 in the Paris metro, around 10. We’d been at a dinner with friends. This young woman had been out with a girlfriend. Both hapy and dressed to the nines. The friend got down at a station. A guy came on board, sat next to her, started to literally undress her with his eyes, I was about to tell him to bugger off, when the young woman bent and asked my wife where we stopped. Our station was after, but we came down with her, the guy followed us then moved away. We stayed with her and accompanied her to the door of her flat…
        Had I been younger I probably would have broken the guy’s jaw…

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        1. Oh my God, that is serious. Thank goodness you and your wife were there to protect the young woman. It’s an endless list the harassment women have to endure in the generation. If only everyone could be like you and your wife. Truly not all heroes wear capes. You are heroes. You are kind. ❤️❤️

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        2. Heroes? LOL. Just did what we had to do. I’m a child of the 50’s, was 20 in the 70’s. None of us would have dreamt (in our worst nightmares) that such behaviours could ever happen. But sadly it seems more common these days. Stay safe.

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  3. You description rivets the reader, so forceful like the rape that is being perpetrated…Glad to read it is not your personal experience, even though it is written very much from the inside of the victim, Sadly, it is an experience for many,everywhere in the world. Powerful writing Omowunmi!

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