There is a plague,

Spreading all across the town,

It makes hearts ache,

And brings spirits down.

The men in uniform,

Are the men to protect us,

The men in uniform,

Are the men killing us!

They make our mothers cry,

Extinguish the father’s pride,

Cut off young lives,

And go home to hug theirs.

They want us all dead!!!

Why make parents childless?!

Screams, wails and sorrowful tears,

Pain, agony and sheer darkness.

No one is safe anymore!

Not even in our homes, no,

Gunshots before we say a word,

Leaders of tomorrow sent on the journey of no return.

Living a life of fear,

Not knowing who is next,

Whose life will be wasted next?

Is it mine or my dearest friend’s?

No good leadership, no guidance,

The government has been bitten by tsetse flies,

No one hears our cry for vengeance,

What’s the difference between the criminals and law enforcers?

Who, tell me, who will fight for the innocent?

Who will be the voice of the voiceless?

Who, tell me, who will protect us?

Protect us from those meant to protect us?

Enough is enough, enough of the harassment,

The abuse of power is agonizing,

We deal with insecurity, you add to the anxiety,

Men in uniform, could it be animals in uniform?

Optimism is getting weary,

The lack of value for human life, disheartening,

Is the future still bright? I can’t see.

Bloodstains on my glasses, I can’t see.

83 thoughts on “ANIMALS IN UNIFORM

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      1. Who do expect to call when you need help? Police do not set out to hurt people, but if someone is committing a crime, that is a bad choice they made. Do you expect the police to baby-coddle them?

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        1. This piece of poetry is about police brutality, intimidation and extortion. It is about abuse of power on innocent citizens. Treating people like criminals for no reason. Having no pity on humanity. In Nigeria there’s a protest going on because an organized police force are robbing and killing youths on a daily for reasons like owning an iPhone, laptops, having dyed hair/dread locks, driving Benz, wearing designer outfits. They believe these things automatically present you as someone who is rich. So they’ll ask for money and if the victims decline, gunshots follow. They even go to people’s houses to search for these things. They are everywhere. You can’t go out without the fear of coming in contact with at least three of them. People are dying everyday, people are crying. Please if you can, research #endsars.

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      1. Would you consider submitting your works to be showcased on website it’s free all authors copyrights are reserved to the author as I am showing that our writing styles are as unique as we each are and also grow as we each do?🙏💝

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        1. Hi it’s a poetry anthology site made up of people who love writing poetry – showing that each who write have their own unique styles akin to how we are each unique; it also linked to twitter but your copyrights are reserved and protected to each author it’s free for works to be showcased and is another platform 💝


  1. A call that rings with truth. The men in uniform keep the men in power in power, just the way they like it. Until we can neutralize that stranglehold on power, men in uniform will keep making mothers cry for their lost sons 😦

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      1. Here in the US at least, progressives can use peaceful means. The right has arsenals of weapons in any case. I don’t know the conditions in Nigeria, but violence and bloodshed must always be avoided.

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  2. Police brutality is rampant everywhere. I wish it wasn’t so unfair or there was some way to rise above these oppressive forces but where we are right now, it seems almost improbable. 🙁🖤

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  3. Oh, my. You have lumped so many honorable men together with a few losers. Isn’t that the kind of stereotyping that ought not be done. The kind that causes racism and hate. So much of your stuff is filled with love, I surprised you see the police in this light. I appreciate your reading my stuff and leaving me likes. Have a blessed Sunday.

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    1. I’m sorry, I wrote this piece of poetry with so much anger, pain and heaviness of heart. The police opened fire at peaceful protesters, innocent youths fighting for the right to live without fear in their motherland. Many were left injured, some are dead. Those victims have parents, siblings, friends, wives/husbands, loved ones. Those victims are not criminals, they weren’t caught doing anything illegal. They weren’t breaking the law. These men took advantage of the power they had, their uniforms and guns! It’s all shades of wrong 💔💔😢

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      1. Hating groups of people because of the actions of a few is a problem anywhere it is found. Thank you, Sweet Girl, for your response. I thought you might ignore me. Sorry for your pain. Send me a link to the incident you are referring to. I want to know about it. After I posted my comment I remembered that there are a lot of honorable women in the police force also. Sometimes I forget to thank them also.

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      2. Thank you. I’m so sorry you have to endure that kind of thing. Sounds like a group claiming to be against police brutality who are even worse. I listen to BBS sometimes. I think they talk about this sometimes. I will have to remember you and your friends in prayer as I learn. Thanks for enlightening me. I wish you were here so I could give you some “grandma” hugs.

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  4. I hate that this poem of yours is truth and not fiction, it’s worse than awful. I find most poetry difficult to interpret but not yours. I visited to thank you for your interest in my blog and now I am here in Canada sadly trying to contemplate your spot on the planet. My peaceful existence is so far from yours.
    May I suggest that on your pages when you do poetry that you include a short narrative to explain the meaning of the poem, and a link to your About page. If someone like me drops in on just any single page, we don’t realize you are in Nigeria.
    I know I have been at some concerts and the singer before they sing a song they have written, they explain the inspiration. It connects the singer to the audience more and it draws more attention and understanding to the song lyrics.
    Bless you young lady, I have a daughter about your age or maybe younger. My best wishes to you and your family. — David

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    1. There is no peace in Nigeria at the moment. It’s terrifying. I hate that it is this way. Thank you for reading and I appreciate your suggestion, I’ll definitely work on it. You are kind. God bless you. Regards to your daughter. Thanks a million ❤️❤️❤️

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  5. GP Cox, I saw no place to reply to this person so I’m doing it here.

    No, no one expect the police to coddle criminals. This is not about criminals. It’s about people who have been criminalized. There’s a big difference.

    But African Americans have been policed, shot, killed, lynched in this country before it became a country. You can argue all you like and make as many sarcastic remarks as you would like but that doesn’t change the fact that systematic racism is alive and well and your comment verified it. Systematic racism places much greater value of some lives over others. People are not obligated to like being treated this way and accept it.

    Won’t you like it if someone killed one of your children, spouse, mother, father or other relative all because of how they have been criminalized? No you wouldn’t. No one would expect you to. So grant others the same reaction you take for yourself.

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  6. Please read Gandhi’s method of protest. How he helped people of south africa before he came to india!

    Please read about how winnie mandela fought while nelson mandela was in prison

    In a war, lives will be sacrificed. But the cruel ones have to go.

    Be a leader. Win the confidence of your people. Your fall, if at all, should make them spring to action. Make yourself indispensable for the masses. Unkillable by the tyrants.

    Be a leader.

    Let there be peace. Peace comes from Revolt. Revolt comes from courage. Courage comes from self respect.
    Self respect from love for oneself and dear ones.

    God bless Nigeria.

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    1. Thank you so much for reading and leaving a kind comment. I’m working on a compilation of poems and this poem will be included, may I use your comment as a review ? This includes the comment and your name.


  7. Omowunmi, Your poem describes a terrible situation that is also occurring in the US! Your poem rings true except for one thing…I love animals. They are beautiful, innocent creatures who do not deserve to be associated with such vile human beings! 🙂

    May better times lie ahead! May your voice be heard. I voted. We all do what we can. Take care, Cheryl

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    1. You are right. Some animals are even better than these cruel human beings. We hope the better times begin to manifest soon. Thank you for reading. I appreciate it. Stay safe ❤️

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  8. Fantastic depiction of real life experiences in a nation so richly endowed yet so poor.
    I see a new Nigeria, though. This country will rise from the ashes of all things evil to be all that it was meant to be.
    Thank you for sharing. God bless you.
    May God’s protection be on you and your family as well as all innocent Nigerians as they do what is needful to move the nation to a better place.

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