Guard us, not kill us

Tina Ezekwe, all she did was stay at the bus stop

Kolade Johnson was only watching football

Jimoh Isiaq was everything his father counted on

Ifeoma Abudu was raped and murdered in detention

Frederick was sent to the grave because of an altercation

What about Chibuike Adams, what about the poor boy?

How much longer?

Why was Tiamiyu Kazeem pushed out of a moving car?

‘Can’t leave out Ayomide Taiwo who was shot for not giving a bribe

A man standing by, he just lost his life

And a ten year old child was also murdered

The list is endless ‘cause your guns take more as the days go by

These weren’t criminals, the question is why?

I am alive but I am dead right now

Flat line on the EKG, my soul’s gone out

Everywhere’s on fire, still you choose gas over water

You captured a grownup manager, then slapped his mother over nada

If you’re drunk in power, take a lecture about aftermath

Everywhere’s on fire, still you choose gas over water

Until when? How much longer?!

52 thoughts on “AM I NEXT?

Add yours

        1. Your constant efforts will pave your way towards success…You will bring a revolution to make humanity alive again…
          And this blog is a good initiative to make others raise their voice too. My heartiest wishes and prayers for all…
          You are so strong and your words are powerful💯

          Liked by 2 people

    1. Amen. Many thanks ma’am. God bless you. I don’t think I can replace the names though. I fear if I do, I might forget them. Others might forget them too. Those people sacrificed their lives, they don’t deserve to be forgotten just like that. I’m still trying to find out the name of the others. They are the fallen heroes, the leaders of tomorrow that have gone to join the stars for doing absolutely nothing wrong. May their souls Rest In Peace.

      Please check out my previous piece of poetry on this menace. It was published three days ago.

      No names were mentioned.


  1. Your posts should wake up the sleeping lions…

    There is a need for uprising from the masses, a need for a strong and dependable leader to stand like a mountain and teach the perpetrators a dear unforgettable lesson on ethics and behaviour.

    Pray the creator creates his next creation with truthfulnes, ethics and compassion.

    End Cruelty. Pray your /our prayers get answered with actions.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Police brutality is rampant. May healing fall upon the land. If only I could just wave a wand and make the bad people go away but it never works like that. Change isn’t cheap, sometimes. Thanks a million for reading. You are kind. Stay safe where you are. God be with you and your loved ones 💕


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