A Place With No Feelings

On a horse with wings,

You appeared full of promises

To take me to a place

Where there are no feelings

I succumbed, I agreed

My head filled with pictures

Of how beautiful, enchanted

This place might be

No love, love hurts

No pain, pain cuts

No anger, anger burns

No joy, joy blurs

No anxiety, anxiety sucks

No confusion, confusion robs

No pity, pity mocks

No fear, fear blood

No surprises, surprises weakens

No trust, trust deepens

No envy, envy competes

No patience, patience fluctuates

Now I am here

In a place where

there are no feelings

Lonely it may be

At least, no one can get to me.

39 thoughts on “A Place With No Feelings

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    1. Thank You. Yes, I took it down. I’m sorry. I had a conversation with someone yesterday who told me she was trying to get over the incidents until she came to my site and saw the posts, and it made her cry. It took her back to that night of the massacre. I figured a lot of people might feel that way too. Trying to move on and then the posts remind them and take them back to where they wanna move on from. That’s why I took it down. At the same time, like you did, I’ve also been asked by some other people why I took it down. It got me confused but it’s a difficult moment for everyone, I’ll only want to make it easier, not more hurtful.

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  1. This is so thoughtful.
    The blissful concept of loneliness. Another angle would suggest that one treasures it but seeks attention. We’ve all been in situations where we just want to be alone but not for long…. We want someone to just reach out a hand before we can react. Although, it’s not as easy as saying it…. This poem is exceptional. I love it.

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