Dear Self

Dear Self,

I am sorry for the times I tried to be somebody else

I’m sorry for the days I didn’t put you first

When I saw your exception as a sickness

And how I doubted your majestic strength

Dear Self,

I’m sorry for shedding those tears

I’m sorry for denying your presence every now and then

Making up unwarranted excuses for your uniqueness

Mainly because you don’t fit in, you are different

Dear Self,

I’m sorry for disregarding your priceless worth

I’m sorry for making you take so much

I shunned you when their attention I’d won

Shushed you until from a whisper, you became voiceless like the ‘k’ in knob

Looking back now, does it even make sense?

Looking back now, everything was pointless

I acknowledge my mistakes from the onset

I beseech you therefore, for your divine forgiveness

Making a solemn promise of a changed mindset

To henceforth, let you be your awesome self

Come out of hiding, your silence is deafening

Your conspicuous absence makes me completely incomplete

Will you please grant my desperate plea?

Dear Self,

I am sorry

for almost getting lost in the pretense.

I am sorry,

Dear Self.

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    1. In this context, I think it’s easier to be nice to others while we are harder on ourselves because we often want to be praised by them, we do not want to be cast aside for being different, we want to earnestly fit into other people’s ‘idea’ of what we should be like. The fear of being the odd one out is always there. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Be you, whoever will like you, will still do. Instead of being hard on ourselves just to be like others, why not stand out?

      Glad you loved it. Thanks for reading 💕💕

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  1. This is well written and rings true throughout. We must appreciate who we are so that others will also.

    I am not sure how you read my poem “Rebound Effect” on The Peaceful Pub, when that site has been showing as no longer in existence for about a month. Maybe the owner paid to have it revived, I don’t know. Anyway, my new blog is:

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  2. *Dear Self* is an unforgettable literary masterpiece ripped from cupid’s heart comprising love uncut!!!!

    “To Love *&* understand Love ; Love must be uppermost on your Mind;
    innermost in your Heart
    *&* deepermost in your Soul.” _-Van Prince

    *Dear Love* earned the poetic right to go viral
    the author is a creative masterpiece writer!!!

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    1. Thanks a lot for reading. I appreciate it. I think a lot of people can relate to it, we want to be everyone else but ourselves. Thankfully, we’re moving past that era now and can be who we truly are without the fear of judgments.


        1. Woman is the Mother of Mankind
          Woman is the Moral Fiber of Civilization
          Woman is man’s first teacher
          Woman is smarter than man
          Woman if you encounter a Man smarter than a woman
          woman you meet 1 man out of 100 men with 99 hanging in the balance

          By: Van Prince

          I use the blog name Mildred, Mildred is my mother and I use her name here to honor her. I am a man and my name is *Van Prince*


  3. Hi Omo,

    First of all thanks you so much for reading my blog earlier today about the storm I went through one Halloween in California, I really appreciate it.

    I then read your poem Dear Self and really liked it. So many times we dilute our true selves as we try to fit in how others want to us to be, and it was a nice approach to then apologize to ourselves for not putting trust in who we are.

    I’m a song-writer and a few months ago released a song called Is Never Me which said pretty much the same thing. I thought maybe you’d like a listen – though please don’t feel obliged to, I won’t be offended!

    Thanks once again for reading my blog, and Happy Halloween!


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  4. Beautiful. I am new to wordpress and this sort of thing but I am starting to see that my suffering and my journey is not mine alone. I see so many people struggling with the same pain. Same questions, same deepness. Thank you for sharing and for reading my blog

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  5. Beautifully written! If only more people understood the beauty of themselves. God created us all to be unique and He loves us just the way we are… But, he also loves us too much to stay the same ❤ Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you for reading. Glad you liked it. Self-love needs to be preached more often ‘cause people who do not love themselves might not be capable of loving others.

      Again, Thank you for reading. Please endeavour to get a copy of “solivagant”, the poetry collection that contains poems like this. Link is in the blog post.
      Stay safe.
      Love you.


    1. Glad you loved it. Thank you so much for reading. Don’t forget to get a copy of “solivagant”, the poetry collection that contains poems like this.

      Stay safe.
      Love you.

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