Because I love you

If you’re seeing this:


How are you doing today ?

Feel free to spill out your guts. (You don’t have to say fine, if you aren’t. I’ll listen. I care.)

So, how are you doing?

33 thoughts on “Because I love you

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  1. Here there’s saying that everyone shares happiness but grief you have to bear alone! It’s very sweet of you to have offered your shoulder for the grieving to cry and lighter his or her heart! God bless you and merry Christmas!

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  2. I’m having a great holiday season. Was able to take a few days off and work on some personal creative projects, plus I was able to stuff my freezer with leftover turkey. Plus, it’s been sunny and not too cold – in other words, perfect. 🙂

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  3. I’m late to the party but still wanna join! I’m sleepy. Like really sleepy. It’s the beginning of the year, I’ve just come out of annual leave and my body is refusing to do anything but just sit

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    1. I think I can totally relate to this. Sometimes, I just wanna be idle. I mean, I know I should be busy doing some things but my body would just be like, “uhn, uhn, no, no”. haha

      Happy new year! Love you ♥️

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  4. Hi. I’m still struggling with severe depression (like many other people today)… however I am still alive and breathing. Every day that I wake up alive, is a chance – no matter how slim – that things might get better. Inch by inch, minute by minute.

    Thanks for posting this “safe space”.

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