Is the 19th of January over there yet?

Well, it is here.

And… IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! (Now, you gotta sing me a song) 😁

Hmmm… to be honest I was particularly looking forward to anything special (still not) but as the minute drew closer, quiet joy began to sprout in me and I am grateful for everything I am at this moment.

May not be where I want to be, but certainly ain’t where I used to be. Every step gotta be celebrated and I am grateful.

It’s even a privilege to be alive, in good health with abundant peace of mind. Maybe I bother about the future a lot, maybe there’s this despondency when I realise the future is near and I am not prepared, sometimes being a year older has more meaning to me than it should ‘cause I might be an over-thinker in some ways; regardless, God gat me and eventually, it’ll all work out.

Happy birthday to this Capricorn girl ♑️

Hoping this year would be better than the last. (Maybe I’ll even get a gift or two 🤷‍♀️) I am optimistic.

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