Here we go again

Love of my life

Here we go again


Isn’t it pure wickedness

How you want her

And you want me, eh, babe?


Isn’t it sheer foolishness

How I can’t leave

Where I don’t want to stay?


If she’s your princess

Tell me king, am I the queen

In this charade?


‘gotta get out of this mess

This little triangle chokes

And it reeks of pain


Wishing you the very best

In this world or next

Maybe I’ll find love again

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17 thoughts on “THIS LITTLE TRIANGLE

Add yours

    1. The piece of poetry is the beginning of the end of a love story. It involves 3 persons, hence the triangle, where one person wants to eat his cake and have it.

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    1. Yes. I totally agree with you. Poetry is one of the best methods of expressionism. I am grateful for it. I’m glad you loved this poem. Thanks a bunch for reading and leaving this kind comment. I appreciate it. Stay safe ❤️

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