Toxic Wine

I caught you in a lie again

Does the leopard ever change?

Holding on but what’s my gain?

Letting go is so much pain


Got on my knees and prayed

In the wilderness, I need a way

My heart’s a desert, it needs some rain

Why does the good person get betrayed?


Got on my knees and prayed

For some wisdom in this perplexed state

The voice calling me a hypocrite came

Saying everyone lies all the same


There was no voice, no voice, mate

It was me making excuses for your mistakes

You think the aches might reset my brain

Just a minute, I am back on the train


She’s in a cage, she’s in bondage

She is a slave that’s addicted to her chains

If you set her loose, she’ll return too soon

She’s a reader scared to turn another page


She caught him in a lie again like always

But the toxic wine is forever her favourite

My book “Solivagant: The Journal of A Wanderer” (a concise poetry collection) is still live on Amazon.

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