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She plucked down the stars from the sky

Just to see him smile

Put the world in the dark

Just to give him light


She dived into the deepest waters

For all the treasures he desired

Deprived the fishes of their habitat

For he was all that mattered


She flew into the clouds

Forcing the rain to shower

In the spot where he loved to dance

In the spot where he loved to laugh with the thunders


She trekked to the desert

Inhaling the dust, hiding from the sandstorms

The cure to his ailment hid under the cactus

But the thorns got nothing on her


She did all without a murmur

She would have done so much more

When she loves, she loves with all her might

When she loves, she loves with all her heart


She loved without considering an aftermath

She loved without questioning why

She loved with blindfolded eyes

She loved with unquenchable fire


She burned

Into fine ashes no one recognises now

Dispersed in the air

No one talks about it now


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  1. Pouring ourselves into another without a thought for ourselves. I know that dance. Tracy Chapman’s All That You Have Is Your Soul is a renewed anthem for me. The poetry challenge goes live tomorrow on Fake Flamenco. Hope you will join in!

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